Monday, October 23, 2017
About Common Point Minimize

Common Point provides an economical, non-RBOC option for tandem switching access services.

Common Point, LLC provides carriers with an alternative to RBOC tandem connectivity. The existence of a stable nationwide network, wherein control of traffic egress/ingress is achieved, places Common Point customers in the driver's seat, while enhancing and redefining their operational experience.

Common Point understands the competitive pressures placed on carriers today, and provides our customers a means to lower network costs, enhance toll margins, mitigate phantom traffic, ease administration and ultimately enjoy increased network control by forming an independent network with nationwide reach.

Tandem Access Services provide:

  • A readily accessible network that is scalable, end-to-end platform of carrier-grade quality.
  • Tandem services can be integrated while simultaneously lowering broadband access and toll costs.
  • Cost optimization through consolidation of connectivity.
  • Mitigation of phantom traffic alleviating billing challenges.
  • Redundancy.
  • Strategic position for staging a greater span of on-net connections, both regionally and nationally, operated by an independently owned nationwide service provider.
  • Complete visibility of traffic and dynamic network monitoring.
  • Offers traditional TDM and IP-based interconnection services to offer fully redundant connection capability.


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